BeachGlow unites thousands of people in its mission to entertain and inspire, while spreading awareness and raising funds. All it takes is one song, one crowd, one ripple to incite monumental change from oceans away. Join the movement. Be the ripple that changes the world.

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Recent News


"Recently, BeachGlow's founder, Dane Kunkel, was featured on Channel One News, a news program reaching 5 million high school students nationwide. He talks about BeachGlow's mission to raise awareness among his generation that giving back and having fun can be one and the same."


"BeachGlow: Concerts for Charity, Inc., the only non-profit EDM (electronic dance music) concert producer in the nation, is proud to announce its donation of $40,000.00 to the American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund. The donation..."


"Southern New Jersey is home to a growing dance music festival that aims to give back. BeachGlow came from then 16-year-old Dane Kunkel. After playing at a high school charity event, Dane spoke with..."


"Wildwoods Beach will see an all-new music festival this summer, taking place a day after our 4th of July hoopla on the Parkway. The BeachGlow Music Festival is hosted by BeachGlow Concerts for Charity, the only non-profit EDM concert producer in the nation..."